In the US, told when to begin the second phase of the supply Patriot air defense system in Poland

WARSAW, 27 Mar RIA Novosti. The second phase of implementation of the supplies to Poland of the U.S. Patriot air defense systems will begin in April this year, said US Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones at the signing ceremony of the agreement in Warsaw on Wednesday.

The contract for the supply of Poland of the U.S. Patriot air defense systems, signed in Warsaw on Wednesday. The first delivery will include 16 launchers, four radar stations and missile 208.

“In April we move to the second phase In the second phase of the Polish army will receive the latest radar and more missiles and combat units,” — said the Ambassador.

“Poland will be safer and therefore stronger,” he added.

It is expected that the first Patriot air defense system will arrive in Poland in 2022. As has been repeatedly stated by representatives of the Polish leadership, it is expected that the new air defense system will be deployed near the border with Russia.

In early July 2017, the Ministry of national defence of Poland and the Ministry of defense signed an agreement to supply Warsaw complexes Patriot. The document was signed during the visit of US President Donald trump in Warsaw. The document says that the system will be transferred to Poland until 2022. It is planned that the first phase in 2021 or 2022 — Poland will supply two batteries of Patriot missiles PAC-3 MSE and elements of the system control and communication IBCS.