Tech firm acts after the ‘Russian spy claims


Cyber-security company Kaspersky Lab has said that relocate some of its operations from Moscow to Switzerland, after the government of the UNITED states and others accused of spying on customers in the Russian of the status of your application.

The company said it had chosen Switzerland for its “neutrality policy” and the applicable data protection laws.

Kaspersky makes anti-virus software with an estimated number of 400 million users.

He denies being linked to Russia’s intelligence services.That has raised concerns?

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security has ordered government departments to stop using Kaspersky products, fearing that federal data could be compromised.

A similar warning was issued in Britain.

And on Monday, the Dutch government has said that it was the gradual elimination of Kaspersky anti-virus software, citing the risk of “digital espionage and sabotage”.

“Russia has an active, offensive cyber program focusing on the Netherlands and the vital Dutch interest,” the country’s Justice and Security ministry has warned.
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Intelligence officials are concerned that Moscow is trying to hack companies in the netherlands and manipulate the elections.Why the move to Switzerland?

Kaspersky believes moving the server to Zurich will help alleviate the concerns about the laws that allow the Russian security services to monitor the data transmissions within the country, according to company documents seen by Reuters.

In a statement, the tech of study insisted on the fact that “has never helped, nor help any government in the world that with cyber espionage or offensive cyber efforts.”

“Our new centre in Switzerland, to strengthen the proven integrity of the products Kaspersky Lab, (and) significantly improve the resilience of our IT infrastructure for the trust and confidence of risk – even theoretical ones,” he said.

Kaspersky Lab, CEO and founder of Kaspersky lab, told Reuters that its data storage and processing facilities and assembly software, would be moved to the Switzerland hub.

“The data of our customers from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Australia will henceforth be stored and processed in Switzerland,” he said.

“Most countries.”