St. Petersburg Cossacks on the background of the conflict with the chieftain of the Templar and asked to postpone the Cossack circle of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Saint-Petersburg. May 14. INTERFAX – St. Petersburg Cossacks are forced to move from Alexander Nevsky Lavra Cossack circle on which plan to elect a new chieftain instead went to the Templar leader.

“The Cossack circle, which takes place every three years, we and the Governor sends word of welcome, and the Metropolitan. Now we found out that he (technically acting ataman Yuriy Bugayev – if) came and made a scene in Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Priests (us) said let’s not you and so a request to the diocese went over the fact that there are Templars, and generally to behave in a Russian Orthodox Church. We were advised to hold the circle in a neutral place. We choose a place and don’t want to advertise it,” – said acting separate of the Cossack community “Cossack guards” Vitaly kings at a press conference on Monday.

He said that Yulia Bugaev at the moment lost the confidence of the majority of the Cossacks, but the document is still a chieftain and head of the legal person, being elected at the Cossack circle may 30, 2015.

“The whole conflict is that he is still legally listed by the chieftain not to renew the organization draws from the documents and is afraid of elections on the Cossack circle on may 20. We choose the chieftain, provide meeting minutes to the Ministry of justice and all will be rebooking in the tax service and the Ministry of justice. He wants it to artificially postpone choosing different prepositions. For example, the fact that the flag was stolen, and without it one cannot do a round,” – said Vladimir Tsarkov.

As stressed at the press-conference the representatives of the Cossack cell, ataman Yu. Bugayev has to the members of the organization debts in the amount of 400 thousand rubles, what is planned to inform the police. “On his part was committed a series of fraudulent acts. In particular, he collected money from community members under the pretext of using them for the needs of staff. On the dress uniform will gather at the headquarters. No payments (for the organization) to them for a long time not brought,” – said Vladimir Tsarkov.

Formerly the St. Petersburg Cossacks suspected of the knights Templar and others that, to their knowledge, to the order of Y. Bugaeva of involvement in the robbery of his staff on the street Borovoy. A week ago there was missing items 106 thousand rubles: sword, Bebutov, whip, dagger, carbine, flag, the Mace, the conch, the denomination of 5 thousand rubles and a fireproof safe in which was kept the seal of the Cossack organization and 380 new identity. Inside the headquarters, where he had penetrated an unidentified person, were scattered headless rotten fish that, as suggested by the Cossacks, was part of the ritual of the knights Templar. Community members suspect this, Yu. Bugaev.

“All the comments I gave already, additionally will not explain anything”, – said the “Interfax” Grand prior of the knights Templar Igor Trunov, answering the question of membership of the Y. Bugaeva in the order.