Donald and Melania trump congratulated him on his return home three released in Korea Americans

The U.S. President expressed thanks to Kim Jong Ynu for this liberation, opening the way to the summit of the leaders of the two countries

In the night of Thursday 10 January at Andrews air force base, Maryland, landed the ship, which arrived at the home, three freed from North Korean prisons are American citizens.

Donald and Melania trump immediately after landing, the aircraft climbed on Board to welcome the three freed Americans of Korean descent: Tony Kim, Kim HAK-Seong and Kim Dong-Cheol.

Later, after delivering a short speech at the airport, President trump expressed his gratitude to Kim Jong Ynu for their release, opening the way to the summit of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK.

Three former prisoners also met at the airport by Vice-President Mike Pence and US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton.

Freed Americans of Korean descent, flew to North Korea on the plane with Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, but during a stop in Japan were transferred to another plane.

Earlier, three Americans of Korean descent, was detained by authorities in North Korea and was detained. Tony Kim and Kim HAK-Sleep taught at the Pyongyang University of science and technology. They were arrested in 2017 and accused of involvement in anti-state activities and attempts to overthrow the government.

A third man, Kim Dong-Chul, was arrested in the city of Rason in northeast North Korea in October 2015, and in 2016 he was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a labor camp.