The white house will not disclose information about victims among the civilian population

The administration may revise the order of Barack Obama

The US administration might reconsider the Executive order signed by President Barack Obama in 2016, refusing to disclose information on civilian casualties and the number of militants killed during the military operations.

The report containing these figures, was to be submitted to Congress on Tuesday, may 1.

“Executive order, which requires them to disclose the numbers of casualties among the civilian population, is under consideration, and can be “modified”, – said the newspaper The Washington Post the administration.

For the first time Barack Obama has announced new rules for the use of strikes using drones in 2013, stating that authorizes them only on the condition that if the military can “with high probability” to avoid civilian casualties.

These rules do not apply to regions where us troops are involved in combat operations, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Starting in 2016, the Pentagon was obliged in the period until may 1 to submit to Congress a report on all operations, which led to casualties among the civilian population.

In the first such report, released in July 2016, it was stated that during the last 7 years in the air strikes using drones has killed 116 civilians.

In another report a year later it was alleged that during 2017 as a result of these attacks killed one civilian and 441 militant terrorist groups.