Italian jealousy shot his brother at the arcade

ROME, 5 APR – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. A resident of the Northern Italian region of Lombardy with a gun broke into the arcade and shot and killed his own brother and his friend trying to protect him.

According to local media, the bloody drama was played on Wednesday evening in the town of Caravaggio in the province of Bergamo. A killer with no covered person came into the playing hall and opened fire from a pistol at the 51-year-old Carlo Novembrini, several shots hitting him and his girlfriend tried to stop the killer.

The rich criminal past of slain could explain crime mafia vendetta: last Novembrini was serving a sentence in prison for participating in the mafia group that operated in Sicily.

However, the killer’s behavior was a little similar to the actions of a professional mercenary. The hall of slot machines he’s driving a white Fiat in the company of a woman, according to some, was the sister of the murdered and murderers. While there was shooting, she waited for the man in the car. In the evening time, the place was filled with visitors, and inside it there are numerous surveillance cameras, which captured a family tragedy.

The killer fled the scene but was caught a few hours later. Confession he began to give almost immediately. The motive for the murder, according to preliminary data, was it jealousy and infidelity: the younger brother at some point, knew about the affair senior with his ex-wife.

Shooting in the province of Bergamo coincided with another domestic homicide, which occurred on the same day in the neighboring province of Brescia. An elderly ex-convict murdered there two entrepreneurs who once held him in one case about a series of robberies that then took his own life.