Facebook prohibits non-Irish abortion poll

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Facebook has said it is not the advertising block in relation to Ireland, the upcoming referendum on abortion, which is derived from advertisers in the country.

It had been in Ireland, the tourism ads could influence the outcome of the vote.

Facebook has not applied such a policy in the UK elections or referendums.

A survey could place the repeal of the Eighth amendment of the Constitution in the Republic of Ireland, the Constitution on the 25.May.

The change maintains strict rules to abortion by the recognition of “the right to life of the unborn”.

It does not mean that the country has allowed a nearly complete ban on abortion, with terminations in cases of rape or incest, for example.

In April, the Irish data protection Commissioner Helen Dixon said it was possible that the foreign players could try to swing it, the referendum.

Reports in The Times – Ireland edition also had the problem highlighted.

Facebook said that the ban on foreign ads would be from 8 may. The companies rely on reports of campaigns to identify groups, such as ads.

She added that such a policy would be for future elections in the Republic of Ireland.

Ads uploaded to Facebook, which are sponsored by organizations based in the country, could come from foreign sources, however.


“This is a Problem, we have been thinking about this for some time,” said Facebook in a statement, based on the Eighth Amendment referendum.

“Today, as part of our efforts to protect the integrity of elections and referendums of undue influence, we begin to reject advertisements in connection with the referendum, when executed by advertisers based outside of Ireland.

“We feel the spirit of this approach is also in line with the Irish electoral act, campaigns prohibits the acceptance of foreign donations.”

The company added that it intended to Express an open platform “for people, ideas, and views on both sides of the debate”.

In April, Facebook announced, a veterinarian indicators in relation to the British local elections, which took place earlier this month.

However, not to extend this action to block ads, just because they have been placed by foreign organizations.