The head of Committee of the Congress on armed forces against withdrawal from the agreement with Iran

According to Congressman Thornberry, in this case, the United States will be more difficult to influence Tehran

The Republican leader of the house of representatives Committee on the armed forces, said that President trump should not withdraw from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

President Donald trump has until may 12 to decide the question of expediency of the recovery of sanctions against Iran. Congressman Mac Thornberry, speaking on Fox Newsв Sunday, said that trump will make a mistake if you refuse the agreement with Tehran.

“I wouldn’t recommend it”, – he said.

As Chairman of the house Committee on armed services, Thornberry is considered one of the key Republican figures in the national security issues. According to Thornberry, although he opposed the agreement when it was signed by the Obama administration in 2015, the withdrawal from the agreement will impair the ability of Washington to influence Tehran.

“I thought it was a bad agreement, he said. But the big question now is what will happen when USA will come out of it? Iran kicked out the inspectors, and we lose that (the possibility of) observing) that you have now?”

Trump has hinted that he may terminate the agreement and recover sanctions later this month. Representatives of the administration trump’s claim that the agreement does not solve the problem of missile programmes of Iran and would allow Iran to rebuild its nuclear program after the expiration of some of its provisions will expire.

According to Thornberry, trump needs to work with European allies to address the shortcomings of the agreement, but such withdrawal will weaken the pressure on Iran because of the split between Washington and the allies.

“The Europeans are not going to restore sanctions and where we are with Iran will be the result?” he said.