Avakov promises the chief Rabbi of Kiev immediately respond to cases of harassment on grounds of religion or nation

Kiev. May 7. INTERFAX – the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov discussed with the chief Rabbi of Kiev by Jonathan Benjamin Markovich response of law enforcement to cases of persecution on ethnic or religious grounds.

As reported in the press service of the interior Ministry, during the meeting with Rabbi A. Avakov said that Ukraine as a modern and democratic state, not a place of persecution on ethnic grounds and anti-Semitic appeals.

“In Ukraine unacceptable public anti-Semitic appeals. Including on mass actions, as in Odessa… the Odessa police have registered proceedings under part 1 of article 161 (violation of racial and national equality of citizens)”, – said the Minister.

The Minister noted that in Ukraine there is a war, and the enemy is trying by all available means to destabilize the situation, inflame inter-ethnic enmity and to create a false impression about the aggressive anti-Semitism in the country.

He recalled a high-profile case with a gang of “Torpedo”, whose participants were detained by the police. The group has repeatedly ruined and desecrated monuments and memorial sites of the Jewish people, and attacked pilgrims-Jews and detonated the explosives near a synagogue in Uman.

“In modern Ukraine it is unacceptable that any of the Ukrainian or foreign nationals discriminated against, intimidated or persecuted for belonging to a different religion, nation or culture. All such criminal acts in a principled and rapid response of law enforcement bodies”, – said the Minister.