Bolton was replaced by McMaster on a post of the adviser to trump national security

WASHINGTON, Mar 23 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The President of the United States Donald trump for the second time in two weeks shook up his foreign policy team, declaring that John Bolton will be replaced by Herbert McMaster on the post of the presidential adviser on national security.

Previously, trump has sent in the resignation of Secretary Rex Tillerson, putting forward for the post of Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo. Bolton, which does not need the approval of the Senate, will take up his new post on April 9 and will be the third Advisor to the President on national security for 15 months and the stormy presidency of trump. Bolton has a reputation as a “hawk” and uncompromising conservative, one of the organizers of the war in Iraq and advocate a tough line against North Korea.
Change horses in midstream

The white house explained the care of McMaster, as before the dismissal Tillerson, the need to update the foreign policy unit of the administration on the eve of the historic summit of the trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, to be held until the end of may. In addition, care McMaster hastened to put an end to speculation, says the White house, although this explanation looks strange: confirmed the rumors about the resignation McMaster themselves could not be the main reason of this resignation.

“They (trump and McMaster) discussed it (the resignation) for some time. The timing was accelerated because both believed that it was important instead of constant speculation to assign a new team”, — stated in the message of the White house.

Also, the White house hastened to declare that there is no conflict between trump and McMaster was not only fueled suspicions. “This (resignation) was not associated with any one moment or incident, it was the result of ongoing conversations between them (trump and McMaster),” — said in the White house.

Standards have been met: trump thanked McMaster for his work and gave him two and a half weeks to transfer. Previous Advisor Michael Flynn trump has dismissed the scandal almost overnight.

Bolton, nominated by trump considered for the post of Advisor before, is considered a supporter of trump, who will try not to contradict, and Mike Pompeo as Secretary of state. Thus, trump all confidently holds its line, getting rid of those who wanted to control him, contradicted him or even just made such an impression.
Academic General

McMaster was treated like a member of the “triumvirate” of generals, who occupied key posts in the administration. MacMaster, chief of staff, John Kelly, and the Minister of defence James Mattis know each other more on the wars in the middle East and in many respects can be considered as associates. With all the allergies of the American society on the military (even former) in power, these generals were seen as a disciplining force that will keep trump in the conventional framework. Indeed, at first, with the advent of McMaster and especially Kelly’s discipline was restored, but soon annoying leak appeared again. This week noise leakage that trump’s advisors advised him not to congratulate the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on his electoral victory during a telephone call, and trump did not listen to them. It was reported that McMaster is extremely outraged by the leak (the contents of which the White house did not refute). However, despite the extremely narrow circle of persons involved in the call, the source, it seems, was never found.

McMaster distinguished academic style, even the well-educated American generals. His book with criticism of the military leadership during the war in Vietnam, written two decades ago, is still widely read in the military environment. He taught military history and worked in expert centres, before returning to a military career and to gain a reputation as an intellectual in form. He has a reputation much more careful of the adviser than that of Bolton. Apparently, McMaster tried to dissuade trump from the most drastic steps on Iran and North Korea, while the track record of Bolton does not allow to accuse him of restraint, neither in councils nor in the statements.
Aggressive General

Bolton has made a career in the state Department and the justice Department under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. His finest hour came when George W. Bush, when he became Deputy Secretary of state. Bolton was one of the main apologists for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on intelligence about Baghdad’s weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence proved false, and the instability in Iraq is still ongoing, and the United States are unable fully to withdraw their troops and to get rid of the burdensome support the weak Iraqi government. Bolton does not believe that I was wrong about the necessity of invading Iraq.

In 2005-2006 Bolton was the permanent U.S. representative to the UN, an organization to which he was generally regarded with abhorrence. According to him, “no UN,” and all countries should follow the “real leader” in the United States. To appoint Bolton Bush was only in the Senate during the parliamentary recess. No wonder no progress in complicated multilateral formats UN Bolton has not achieved the prestige of the United States within the organization increased.

After the resignation of Bolton returned to the conservative career expert and commentator. From year to year, he advocated a hard line against alleged America’s adversaries, including Iran and North Korea. From the Embassy of North Korea in Moscow, he even earned a feature “lost his mind, like a beast”.

Hawkish rhetoric Bolton is on the verge of settling war with Pyongyang will be tested in the near future. It is assumed that the DPRK is willing to make some concessions, offered US summit to denuclearize. Trump is inclined to attribute his acquiescence to Pyongyang’s harsh rhetoric and threats against North Korea. Bolton will be a supporter of trump in this matter, and his appointment could further strengthen the US position and to reduce the likelihood of a peaceful outcome of the confrontation. The administration of U.S. President