The priest believes that people should learn loyalty from animals, and Noah calls the first animal rights activist

Moscow. May 3. INTERFAX – the Founder of Russia’s first Church shelter for the animals at the Ilinsky temple in the village of Lemeshevo, Archpriest Peter Hirsch is convinced that people can learn from Pets.

“A man ought to learn from them boundless devotion, because devotion to love of man can only be an animal which man worships,” said the priest in an interview to “Interfax-Religion”.

Father Peter said that “man is unlikely to die of boredom, losing his neighbor, even if it was the closest person to me: is time that all frays, and the person regains its normal quality, moving away from grief.”

“And sometimes there is no animal, the animal may die of longing for master, because his master is the universe, and the loss of a master is the loss of meaning of life. We are talking about domesticated Pets who love human and bound to it”, – said the priest.

According to him, to treat animals badly – it is immoral and unworthy.

In the opinion of the father of Peter, Noah, who built an ark at the behest of God to save the human race and the animal world, became the first animal rights activist.

“In this ark saved not only humankind, but according to God’s instruction and fauna. It’s surprising that the Lord took care of animals to be saved! Righteous Noah can be considered the patron Saint of animal rights”, – said the priest.

Moreover, he added, with the rescued man and the animals the Lord had made a Covenant with intelligent beings, what the Bible says.

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