Tesla-the race 778bhp cars in new electric GT series starting in November

The long-awaited electric-GT championship looks set to kick off in November in Jerez.

The new championship, which will feature a field of race prepared Tesla Model S P100Ds, was, is expected to begin in 2017, but delays have pushed its launch date to 2018. It has since won the FIA-certification and announced a provisional calendar for the season (see below).

Legendary race tracks included in the calendar, Silverstone and the Nürburgring-the DTM layout.

Electric-GT confirmed the full specs of the Tesla’s electric racing model, 20 of which will be built for the opening of the season. The battery-powered sedan has a Model S P100DL and produced 778bhp and 734lb ft of torque renamed. It accelerates from zero to 62mph in 2.1 sec – 0.3 sec faster than the road car and struck miles, a top speed of 155 hours.

Despite the run of an unchanged powertrain, the car, 100kWh battery, the biggest in motorsport. Autocar spoke to electric-GT-CEO Mark Gemmell last year and he said he expected that the factory-spec hardware to be extremely reliable.

“The standard drive is 25% lighter car, so that the voltages are actually less than it was designed for the production vehicle,” Gemmell said. “It makes the championship even more valuable to Tesla road-customers, such as our racing cars are closer to what you drive, so you are, in essence, a series-production vehicle on the circiuit.”

Video: Tesla Model S P85D vs Caterham 620R drag race

Pirelli is supplying tires that are 18 inch diameter, 265mm wide at the front and 305 mm wide at the rear. Both slick and profiled tyres, rain tyres are available. A two-circuit single-pedal-hydraulic-race brake set-up was also installed.

The car is on, double-wishbone push-rod operated front suspension with two dampers and springs at the rear. The stripped-out cabin features an FIA roll cage and fire extinguisher. No weight figure has been released, but Gemmell the comments suggest to 525kg was removed from the car, which means it will weigh in the vicinity of 1600kg.

At top speed, the P100DL racing body 51 kg of downforce produced on the nose and 92kg over the rear axle. The body itself is made of high-modulus carbon fiber – particularly fiber-density version of the material.

Race-begins – something Gemmell thinks that they help make the event a unique spectacle.

“If 20 of these cars from the start – they are about as fast or maybe even a bit faster than a formula 1 car from the line,” he said. “I think people will be surprised by the noise. If you put 20 cars together you get an interesting sense of power.”

The support of the electric-GT be the eKarting series, which uses electric go-karts and a virtual racing platform eSports series.

Provisional Calendar:

3-4 November 2018 Jerez

February/March 2019 (date TBC) Paul Ricard

May (date TBC) TBC circuit

29. June Nürburgring

20-21 July In Assen

September (date TBC) Silverstone

September (date TBC) circuitry TBC

12-13 October, Algarve

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