Land Rover celebrates 70th birthday with a special celebration

The original Land Rover to live 30 was established 70 years ago today (. April), and the company is marking the event was aired with a special celebration, online (video below).

The Land Rover series was in 1948 at the Amsterdam motor show. designed by Rover in the aftath of the second world war With the demand low for the luxury cars the company had previously manufactured, and the company damaged the factory, during the war, the company decided to develop a Jeep-style off-road vehicle for agricultural use. It was originally a single, 1.6-Liter, 50bhp petrol engine.

Steve Cropley: behind the scenes of Land Rover-70-birthday-event

The machine proved to be a big hit, with the line-up of Land Rover models rapidly. In 1978, Land Rover was spun off into a separate company, now owned by Tata Motors.

In Pictures: 70 Years Of Land Rover

Tonight at 8pm BST, the Coventry-based car maker launched a live online transmission of the Land-Rover-Classic-workshop shown the originals, such as ‘HUE’, the first prototype of Land Rover, and the first two-door Range Rover, as well as current models, such as the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velar.

Land Rover’s 70-year celebration began three months ago when it unveiled plans for a “gentle renovation”, one of the three pre-production cars from Amsterdam unveiling. The complete unrestaurierte example, it was re-discovered in the last year.

Cropley: Celebrating the Land Rover Defender (2016)

Since the car was shown for the first time in the year 1948, Land Rover has sold more than 7 million cars.

Farewell to the Land Rover Defender: a special Autocar

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth said: “the Land Rover was born, with the introduction of a single vehicle. Today, in our family of SUVs is a Testament to the pioneering spirit, innovation, Land Rover has dominated for seven decades.

“Our family Defender, Discovery and Range Rover models, offers unmatched functionality, versatility, and luxury, what makes us the perfect basis for a further 70 years of success.”

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