Zuckerberg: This has been a busy year


Facebook is the boss said that the year 2018 has been an “intense year” for his company, but that he was committed to adopt a “broader view” of his responsibility.

Mr Zuckerberg was speaking at its annual F8 developers conference in San Jose, California.

It marks the latest effort to deal with a privacy scandal involving a political consultant.

Cambridge Analytica gained access to millions of users ‘ personal data that were collected through an app.

Mr Zuckerberg has described as a “serious breach of trust” that should never happen again.

As part of its efforts to address the problem, the social network is carrying out an audit of other apps and has limited developers ‘ access to some data.

But that, in turn, has caused frustration among Facebook app creators, whose products no longer work properly as a result.
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Before the event, the company announced the construction of a new Clear History tool to address users’ desire to have more control over how their.

He said that the function:
allows members to see which third-party sites and applications, Facebook collects data from
provide the ability to delete the information
prevent Facebook to be able to add details to their profile in the future

However, the firm added that it would take a couple of months to add to the system, and that it would still need to maintain the relevant information in the “rare cases” for safety reasons.

In a separate development, some of US, the basis of users have reported that a new request has appeared below the post on their News Feeds, asking them if the messages contain hate.

The service apparently extends to updates written by Mr Zuckerberg himself.

A spokesman for the company is capable of providing more details.

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