‘Hate speech’ button fazes Facebook users

Getty Images

“Does this post contain hate speech?”

That is the message that thousands of Facebook users have reported seeing on their news feeds.

It seems that only US-based users who can see the issue, that is the one that appears below each post in your Facebook page.

While some have criticized the social media giant for the move, others are calling it a mistake and pointing out the most unusual of places where they have seen.

A Facebook spokesman said that they were unable to comment at this time.

End of the post to Twitter by @kansasalps

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This comes as Facebook celebrates its largest event in its history, with 5,000 developers flying in from around the world during the developer conference F8 in the 1st and 2nd of May.

This led to social media journalist Matt Navarre to joke that even Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, was not exempt from incitement to hatred button.

By Tom Gerken, UGC and Social News