U.S. closes command centre in Iraq

In the country will remain American soldiers, but it is unknown what will be their number

On Monday, the US closed the headquarters of its armed forces in Iraq, which controlled the conduct of land operations against the “Islamic state” that indicates the end of major combat operations against the militants.

“Islamic state” once controlled a third of Iraq and the second largest city in the country, Mosul. However, in December last year, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that the Iraqi armed forces, backed by 5000 American troops won a victory over the group.

USA deactivated Command of the land component of the combined forces, “while acknowledging changes in the composition and responsibilities” of the coalition in the fight against “Islamic state”.

While Iraq will remain the American military, but so far neither Washington nor Baghdad did not specify how many. They will continue to advise and equip mission to support the Iraqi armed forces.

American soldiers in Iraq did not participate in active combat, but was often present in field command centers in the vicinity of Mosul, using reconnaissance drones and advising Iraqi commanders on logistics.