Trump outraged by the jokes at the correspondents Association dinner the White house

The performance of komediantka Michelle Wolfe at the annual reception attracted criticism in the journalistic environment

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized the annual correspondents Association dinner the White house dedicated to freedom of speech, after speaking at the dinner, the comedienne made a number of crude jokes about the President and his assistants.

Trump is the second consecutive year, missed the reception, which suits the White house in one of the Washington hotels, instead go to a meeting with voters in Michigan. Later, however, the President has acted with criticism of his favorite target – journalists covering the work of its administration. This time some of the journalists apologized for the harsh statements of komediantka Michelle Wolfe, noting that her joke went over the unwritten bounds of decency that exist for such political events.

“The reception of the White house for journalists in the form in which we know it does not exist any more, wrote Monday trump on Twitter. – It was a complete disaster and a disgrace to our great country and its ideals. Fake news thriving and well proven on Saturday night!”

Earlier, the President wrote that last year’s reception was “a failure”, but this year the dinner was a “shame for all who associated with him”. “Ugly “comedian” miserably disgraced… it’s Time to put an end to this tradition or to start all over again” – trump wrote. In another tweet, he called the admission “boring”.

In 19-minute speech that was full of often dirty jokes, wolf reminded Trump of his alleged Association with a pornographic actress and also the money you have paid her to keep quiet about it in the run-up to elections. She also made fun of the rapid change of senior officials in the administration and questioned the true size of the state President and his successive love Affairs.

However, most reviews called caustic remarks Wolfe about the daily briefings held by press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Some journalists felt that Wolfe crossed the line of decency, and subsequently apologized to Sanders.

She Sanders, during the performance of komediantka sitting just a few metres from her, never smiled, but did not leave the hall, unlike the couple of conservatives, offended by the jokes Wolfe.

Among other things, the 32-year-old Wolfe said Sanders, “burns facts to ashes, and ashes brings his eyes”. She also matched Sanders with the uncle Tom of the antislavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe, noting that in this case we are talking about “white women who disappoint other white women.”

Amid the growing scandal around speeches Wolfe correspondent for Bloomberg News, Margaret Talev, who invited the comedienne to speak at the reception, issued a statement on behalf of the Association of reporters at the White house, which noted that the reception “was to serve as a symbol of solidarity around our shared commitment to fair and free press, praising good manners, outstanding journalism and winners of journalism awards, not to divide people.” “Unfortunately, the speech of the host is not consistent with the spirit of this mission,” she wrote.

Wolf under the onslaught of criticism defended his words. “All these jokes have been dedicated to her disgusting behavior,” she wrote on Twitter. Then Wolfe published his own photo with the caption “not in the spirit of the mission”.