The Senate has endorsed Pompeo in as Secretary of state

Earlier the nominee on the role of foreign Minister supported by the Senate Committee on foreign relations

In a vote held Thursday, the U.S. Senate approved the candidacy of Mike Pompeo for the post of Secretary of state of the United States.

On Monday the candidacy Pompeo, currently occupying the post of CIA Director and nominated by President trump for the post of foreign Minister, supported the Senate Committee on foreign relations.

The outcome of the vote was facilitated by the fact that Republican Senator Rand Paul first raised against the candidacy of Mike Pompeo, changed his point of view and supported it.

Earlier, the President trump criticized the Democrats ‘ position on the candidate Pompeo: “Hard to believe that obstructionists can vote against Mike Pompeo for the post of Secretary of state. The Democrats do not want to approve to put forward positions of hundreds of good people, including the Ambassador in Germany … Need more Republicans!”, he wrote on Twitter.

Democrats insist that Mike Pompeo is not suitable to lead the foreign office of the United States because when he was a Congressman supported military solutions to the problems, and not diplomatic.