The head of the Pentagon ruled out increasing the military contingent of the USA in Poland

James Mattis met with his Polish counterpart expressed gratitude to Poland for Euro-Atlantic solidarity

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis during the reception of their Polish colleagues Mariusz Blashak the Pentagon said that not exclude the increase of American troops in Poland.

Mattis stressed the United States deploy troops in the countries-members of the military of the Union in accordance with the requirements of security.

The Pentagon chief also thanked the Polish government for its commitment to NATO unity and the contribution of the Polish military in the fight against international terrorism. He also supported the commitment of Warsaw to increase defense spending by 2030 to 2.5 percent of the national budget.

Poland has repeatedly expressed concern over increased Russian military presence on its borders. In the past year the Alliance has placed four international battalion in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In March 2018 Warsaw-purchased from Washington’s missile complexes Patriot. The sum of transaction – about $ 5 billion. The systems will be delivered to Poland in 2022.