Russian diplomatic mission has criticized a note to the foreign office upon the death Glushkov

LONDON, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. The murder of ex-Deputy Director of “Aeroflot” Nikolay Glushkov for Russia is not only criminal, but also political dimension, the Russian Ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko will request a meeting with the head of the Metropolitan police, and ask for Scotland Yard details to inform the Russian side on the investigation. This statement was made on Saturday evening, the Russian Embassy in London.

Glushkov, convicted in absentia in Russia to eight years in prison for embezzlement at Aeroflot, and died in London in March. Scotland Yard reported that at this stage, the investigators believe his death is “unexplained”. The police stated that Glushkov was killed by strangulation, classified the accident as a murder. The investigation is ongoing. In SK the Russian Federation declared excitation of criminal case upon murder in London Glushkov.

“As we know from the British press, the death of a Russian citizen occurred under very strange and mysterious circumstances immediately after the poisoning of the family Skrobala. The Ambassador plans to take the advice of the foreign office and request a meeting with the head of the London police to suggest that the British side to inform us details about the investigation. For Russia, this murder is not only criminal, but also political dimension”, — it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement.

The Embassy reported that just received a note to the foreign office regarding the death Glushkov, however, this note is virtually meaningless.

“The Embassy is grateful for the answer, but the note does not contain any information besides sending us to the London police in case we have questions. The Embassy asked only one question to the British authorities — details to inform us about the investigation of the death of a Russian citizen. It is on this question no response neither from the police nor from the foreign office that cannot but cause regret,” — said the Embassy.

“From the time of his death was held for almost a month and, as in the case of poisoning Skrobala, the British side does not provide any information. After our repeated requests, we are left with nothing but to assume that, most likely, it is done intentionally,” — said in a statement.