Klimkin promised to “put pressure on Russia” on the issue of deployment of peacekeepers

MOSCOW, 7 APR — RIA Novosti. Ukraine will put pressure on Russia in the issue of deployment of peacekeeping contingent in the Donbass, said the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy Pavlo Klimkin on air of TV channel “inter”.

In his opinion, the key issue for peacekeepers in the Donbass will be the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution. However, he noted that Russia allegedly could not perform in the future, the provisions of the adopted document. In this case, said Klimkin, the pressure from Ukraine and its partners will be the “same guarantee” for Russia to fulfill its potential obligations.

“Now we have the common position of Germany, France, USA. After these high-level contacts will put pressure on Russia so that it (the deployment of peacekeepers — ed.ed.) implemented, and must do it as the shock that started it”, — quotes klimkina the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

The Ukrainian side says that the UN mission should have a broad mandate and will be available on the whole territory of Donbass until Russian border. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his support for the idea of introducing a peacekeeping contingent, but stressed that the speech can go only about the security of OSCE personnel, the peacekeepers must be on the line of contact.The implementation of the Minsk agreements