APU took introduced because of the provocations of the Russian aviation combat readiness of air defense forces

Alert, which gave the air forces of the Ukrainian army, shot. About it reports “Gromadske radio” with reference to the representative of command of air forces of VSU Dmitry Strutinsky.

“The degree of alert that was announced, have already been removed”, — said the speaker.

Strutinsky added that despite this, the air force remains on constant duty.

“Today, forces and resources was put on alert and were ready to repel (attack of the Russian aviation – ed.) and the defeat of air targets. But only if they cross state air border of our country or there will be a direct threat to the integrity and inviolability of the state,” he said.

Recall that today the Ukrainian Air force for the second time this month recorded provocative actions of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation. In particular along the Eastern and southern border was seen by fighter and bomber aircraft Russia. Ukrainian air force put on alert.