Cardi B being sued by former manager

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Cardi B’s former manager has sued her for breach of contract and has filed a $ 10 million (£7m) lawsuit against her.

Klenord “Shaft” Raphael is said to be “disappointed” the rapper has frozen him, of his career.

He accused Cardi B, who has signed with a new management company in the month of March of “breach of contract, unjust enrichment and defamation”.

Cardi B, which is now one of the hottest properties in hip hop, has yet to respond to the allegations.

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Cardi B and Klenord Raphael began working together in 2015. He is also listed as a writer and producer for the hit debut single, Bodak Yellow.

But a statement from his KSR management company read: “the discovery of Cardi B in 2015, the Tree has played an important role in the development of his musical career and public image.

“While he is proud of their successful collaborations as she evolved from Instagram influencer of music megastar, the Tree is disappointed with its actions to freeze him, of his career, which are detailed in the complaint.

“The tree is sure that his cause be able to validate his conduct, and to sustain its legal claims.”

His social media feed is full of videos and images, which include insights into the early days of the Cardi B career.

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Cardi B, who has released his debut album, Invasion of Privacy in April of 2018, is currently under contract for the management of the Quality Control.

The 25-year-old signed a contract with them in the month of March, but the lawsuit alleges that this breeched the terms of its agreement with KSR of management.

After the release of his album, Cardi B has broken records, including becoming the first female artist with 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

The previous record was held by Beyonce, who had 12.

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His rise to the top of the charts is impressive.

Originally from the Bronx in New York, Cardi B has talked about becoming a stripper to a teenager to escape an abusive relationship.

She said the money she made from stripping, also helped me pay for school.

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Cardi B recently announced that he was taking a break from live performances – a month after the confirmation of being pregnant.

The rapper, who comes up with Offset, from Migos, has told her fans via Instagram video: “Broccoli Festival will be my last performance for a while, because you know that the child continues to grow.

“I see it as I’m moving on the stage is good, but the reality is shorty continue to grow and sometimes I can’t breathe. I’ll be back for Bruno Mars tour, though.”