Republicans in Congress issued a report about the Russian intervention

Democrats called the decision an attempt “to defend the White house”

Committee on intelligence of the U.S. Congress on Friday published a declassified part of the report devoted to Russia’s intervention in the election campaign of 2016.

In the 253-page document, the publication of which the Republicans in the Committee approved in March this year, emphasized that after more than a year of investigation, no evidence of collusion between members of the team trump and the Kremlin to detect and failed. However, the report argues that Moscow is still trying to interfere in elections.

In March, the Democrats in Congress voted against the completion of the investigation and publication of the document, arguing that the way their colleagues-Republicans trying to protect the White house and the President of the United States from the accusations of collusion with Moscow.

In presenting the report on Friday, the senior Republican on the intelligence Committee, Mike Conway, stated that it regrets that the intelligence agencies were forbidden to make public a significant part of the collected materials.

“Today, the Committee on intelligence to make public the declassified part of our report about the Russian intervention, he said. – The publication of these materials will allow the Americans to get acquainted with the information which allowed to draw conclusions that we announced last month”.

“However, – he continued. – I am very frustrated by the excessive demands of razvedrota, ordered to delete part of the content. Many of these regulations relate to information that is publicly available, including the names of witnesses and other information that has previously been declassified”.

According to Mike Conway, he intends to seek review of this decision of the security services, and to publish the full text of the document.