Vauxhall Corsa diesel was fired due to poor demand

The Vauxhall Corsa will not be available with a diesel engine, because the variant represented only 2.5% of the sales model.

Run powered by the 1.3 CDTi engine were particularly unpopular with retail buyers, who account for the majority of the hatchback customers. In 2017, only 0.5% of the Travel retail purchases of diesel fuel.

This fits with a trend in the market of new cars; diesel sales are down by more than a third in recent months because of growing uncertainty and the new diesel tax increase.

A spokesman has told Autocar that this low demand made the diesel Run too expensive to maintain between the British brand in the course of the efficiency increase measures. Vauxhall new parent company, the PSA Group, is launching various measures to increase its profitability.

This is also the explanation for Vauxhall’s decision to streamline the Travel of the trim levels. The Ford Fiesta rival was offered with 11 finishes, but this has now been reduced to seven:, Active, Design, Energy, Sport, SRi Nav, SE Nav SRi VX-Line Nav Black.

“This is something that you will see in place across the entire Vauxhall range,” said the spokesman. “We won’t be offering a plethora of complicated and confusing trim levels. New cars coming out from here, will have to trim the simplified lists.”

Vauxhall’s cost-saving measures also include a reduction in the number of franchise dealerships, has a European sister brand Opel. Vauxhall will terminate contracts with its 326 points of sale into franchises all over the UNITED kingdom and the offer of new contracts to only the best sites.

Vauxhall sales fell to 195,000 units in 2017, with a decrease of 22% on the year before. The Race has remained a strong seller in Britain, however, currently ranked as the fifth most popular car in 2018.

The model’s range-topping VXR hot hatch variant will soon be replaced by a new GSi model that combines focused management with a less powerful 1.4-litre, four-cylinder engine. This car is expected to appeal to the widest range of customers than the VXR.

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