Apple’s Shazam deal faces European probe

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European regulators investigate Apple’s planned purchase of Shazam, the application of recognition of music that developed in the united kingdom.

Seven countries, among them France, Spain and Italy had asked the European Commission to review the agreement.

It was said that the merger would reduce choice for users of services of streaming of music. Apple trails behind market leader Spotify in the global transmission of the race.

Shazam allows users to identify the song title and the artist with their smartphone.

The app already presents users with a link to buy songs on Apple’s iTunes download service, which provides Shazam with income as well .

The most Shazamed song Wake Me Up by Avicii, the Swedish DJ and producer who died in Oman Friday, while I was on vacation.

Shazam was founded by Andrew Fisher, who remains the executive chairman of the firm.

He had previously founded, which was bought by InfoSpace for $ 400 million (£287m).