The speaker of the UOC believes that Poroshenko’s tempted Patriarch Bartholomew, the devil Christ

Moscow. April 26. INTERFAX – the Head of the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Vasily Anisimov believes that seeking autocephaly from the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko thereby playing with fire.

“Petro Poroshenko tempts Patriarch Bartholomew, as the devil of Christ. So did his predecessors. Tempts to organize a pan-Orthodox discord in the world and religious conflict in Ukraine”, – said Viktor Anisimov, in his interview to radio “Radonezh”.

According to him, “now this is very dangerous, because the country is full of resentment, assorted groups of fighters, weapons”.

“And look to start firing all on all. Instead of appeasement, the government creates all the new points of confrontation in society,” – said the speaker of the UOC.

Thus, according to V. Anisimov, the Patriarch also behaves inconsistent: the calls to end the “fratricidal war” in the Donbass, is taking a “hawk-Uniates Parubiy”, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

“He himself teaches us that the Union is “ecclesiological heresy, having no right of existence in Christianity”. So why not abandon it?” – asks V. Anisimov.

The representative of the canonical Church urged the Ukrainian President to finally establish peace “in two weeks”, that was his main campaign promise, and then to do Church, “though it is against the law”.

“But I think that the Patriarch himself be tempted glad it invigorates, enhances the significance. But we have a very dangerous to become attached to someone’s campaign chariot as a loser immediately claims to be “old criminal power”, and all those who supported it, ill – intentioned accomplices and enemies of Ukraine,” – expressed his opinion Vladimir Anisimov.

Commenting on the fact that Poroshenko plans to obtain autocephaly by 28 July, when will be celebrated 1030-anniversary of the baptism of Rus, Vladimir Anisimov has noticed that “and before the Baptism of the Holy equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir of Rus, the demons raged”.