In Shanghai launched the first fully automatic metro line

BEIJING, Mar 31 — RIA Novosti. The first fully automatic unmanned metro line in Shanghai was put into operation in the test mode, according to the website of the Shanghai metro.

Test operation of trains on the branch “Putzen” began on Saturday March 31, to move the trains uses a system of roller rails. The length of the metro line “Putzen” is 6.68 kilometers, it is located on six stations. Transfer to the branch can be from the eighth line of the metro at the station Shendu Highway Station (bus station Chengdu). A new subway line is built for passengers of the County Pozzan urban district of Jinhua, located in the southern suburbs of China’s largest metropolis.

It is noted that the use of the system roller rails and the rubber wheels allows the composition more smoothly to start moving, turn and stop, the moving part generates much less noise than a conventional train.

This type of train fully automatic, it is called “Automated transfer system” (APM). This means that the automatically starts to move, opens and closes doors, makes the appropriate warning and stops. The trains are equipped with special sensors that govern the distance between trains and thereby ensure the safety of the passengers.

During the test operation trains will run every 3 minutes 20 seconds during peak hours, and at the usual time and weekends with an interval of about 6 minutes. Each train consists of four carriages, the maximum capacity of passengers reaches 726.

After the introduction of another branch, the length of the track of the Shanghai metro reached 673 kilometers, ranking the metro Chinese metropolis is ranked first in the world. The number of stations of the Shanghai metro reached 395, with 53 of them interchange.
In Shanghai launched the first fully automatic metro line