In Kiev, the criminal with a stocking on his head stole the Mat at the office

Thursday, April 26, in Kiev there was an unusual theft, which the network has dubbed the “Heist of the century“. A guy with a stocking on his head dragged the rug out from under the door of the office building. This was reported by the Kyiv public Operational.

“We’ve got crime of the century and a criminal century in one video! Syretskaya 5, building 3 (entrance from the Woodrow Wilson), in the night from 24 to 25 April stole a Mat beneath an office building. Kid walked around the Mat, tried it, does it, and then after 15 minutes came back with a stocking on his head, forgetting to put it on properly, and then tied the Mat and escaped“, – stated in the message.

We will remind also that on April 19 in Nigeria from Parliament publicly stole the scepter. Brazen happened right during a session of Parliament. Ceremonial scepter for the decision in the eyes of the deputies stole three men.