In Kiev detained the driver with weapons and drugs

On the ring road in Kiev, late on the evening of April 25, police stopped the driver for a traffic violation. After searching his car, police found a gun and a bag of white, obviously the drug substance. On Thursday, April 26, announced

The incident occurred on the ring road in the area of Wallpaper market in the direction of Akademgorodok. The driver of the car brand was rebuilt and showed no sign of turning, and rear lights were tinted. The police stopped the offender.

After checking his documents, police found that the driver was deprived of his driving license for one year for driving under the influence. Also, the police thought the driver was drunk – is invited to take the test for the presence in the blood of drugs and to conduct a surface inspection in the presence of witnesses. The detainee refused.

It is noted that in the car with the driver was another passenger.

After inspection of the contents of the passenger of Tavria, was found a subject similar to the gun and the white substance like drugs. Immediately on a scene has arrived SOG. According to the driver, he did not know that his passenger was carrying a gun. The passenger said that the gun he found and went to hand it to the police, and the bag with the substance is actually not his. What is the subject and substance will determine the investigative and operational group.

We will remind, in March in Transcarpathia stopped the car with weapons and drugs. Within a few hours on the road station of the “Lower Gate“ in the Carpathians law enforcement officers stopped several vehicles in which the weapons were found, Balaclava, pepper spray, and probably marijuana.