In Ireland pardoned convicted for the murder of 140 years ago

MOSCOW, 5 APR — RIA Novosti. President of Ireland Michael Higgins has signed the decree about posthumous pardon unjustly convicted of murder and executed about 140 years ago men, according to the Irish Times newspaper.

According to the newspaper, we are talking about Myles Joyce, who, in 1882, was sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of a family of five in the Irish city of Galway, despite the fact that the other two defendants claimed he was innocent.

As writes the edition, the President of Ireland read out the text of the decree about pardon of the Irish language. According to Higgins, the forty year old father of five children, Joyce was an innocent victim “of what is described as one of the most obvious miscarriages of justice in British judicial history.”

The Irish President expressed gratitude to “all who in various ways tried to keep the memory of this shameful episode in the history of Ireland and Britain.” Higgins also noted the efforts made by British parliamentarians in order to correct the historical injustice.

According to the newspaper, 1937, the President of Ireland signed only four pardons. Pardon the convict in the case, which was seen before the proclamation of independence, signed for the first time.