Honda Everus brand comes with new EV concept

Honda has become the latest car manufacturer to launch an electric brand in China with the Everus EV concept

Although just a demonstration of what is to come, it is a project that Honda and its Chinese venture partner GAC, worked promotes.

The first model of the new brand affect of this concept, and in both the private purchase and about the car-sharing platform to reach the star, a Chinese company Honda, the investment in is.

The concept of the design mixes existing Honda features, such as a strip that connects the front headlights and strong bodyline on the side, be replaced by new ones. The grille features cascading openings, and there are blue flashes on the nose and side skirts.

No technical details for the concept have been published, but it is a part of Honda’s broader 20 electrified vehicles plant in production by 2020, what the hardware is shared with other models.

The Everus EV remains a China-only model, but Honda puts its well-preserved Urban EV hatchback to the UK in the next year. The car is with a high-density lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and energy-transfer functions from both the vehicle.

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