The former head of the patrol police of Kharkiv arrested for “drunk driving” in Kiev – media

In Kiev after the prosecution arrested the former head of the Kharkiv police patrol Eugene Melnyk, who was drunk behind the wheel. About it reports “operational Kiev” in Facebook.

So, according to the newspaper, near the Mall, Lavina Mitsubishi Lancer drove on forbidding signal of a traffic light, for that was persecution. Stopped him on the street Rubelski.

“Immediately after stopping the vehicle the driver tried to escape. When detained, the man didn’t comply with legal requirements of the police, and then punched him in the face (assault on a police officer in the line of duty was recorded by the investigative team)”, – stated in the message.

The publication also notes that the driver had signs of intoxication. To take the test on the spot (on the device “Drager”), refused and went to the doctor-narcologist.

It is noted that on Miller in 2014 it was the Protocol for driving while intoxicated.

As seen in the video, the detainee confirms that he is a Miller Eugene A., G. R. 1.07.1989 However, he denies that was behind the wheel of a car.

Recall that the patrol police of Kharkiv Yevgeny Miller led the 4 of September 2015 and resigned in the same year. It was reported that Miller will continue to serve in leadership positions in the Office of the patrol police of Kiev.