Matvienko urged to secure the release of Russian sailors in Ukraine

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko said that Russia should seek the return home of the Russian sailors, detained in Ukraine.

“Everything must be done to free our citizens from the illegal actions of the Ukrainian authorities”, — she said at a meeting of the chamber on Wednesday.

Matvienko stressed that “we have always believed that pirates is somewhere far away”. However, “pirates in the face of the Ukrainian authorities already operating in the Azov sea,” she added.

Senator from Crimea Sergey Tsekov, speaking at the meeting, offered to instruct the relevant committees of the Federation Council on the legislation on defense and security, on international Affairs to compile all available information and, if necessary, request additional relevant departments to study the issue on possible legislative measures for the protection of the interests of Russia and its citizens against provocations in Ukraine.

The MP reminded that the Ukrainian authorities have detained two Russian vessels. “It is obvious that such aggressive actions — in fact, the “state piracy” of Ukraine must not remain unanswered. While Russia’s actions will be carried out in the framework of international law,” he said.

Tsekov stressed that in the current situation Russia continues legal, financial and moral support of the crews of Russian vessels. The senators noted that the need for closer coordination in this regard, various ministries and departments.

“To prevent such incidents, given the obvious intentions of the Kiev authorities to continue the provocation against the Crimea and its residents, has taken a number of actions, in particular the protection of Russian ships in Azov sea,” he said.

However, according Tsekova, to ensure the safety of navigation and fishing must address the complex issues of security not only in the sea of Azov, but also in the territorial waters of the Crimea.