BMW iX3: the first preview images of the upcoming electric SUV

BMW will show a preview of their first electric model SUV this week with the launch of a new concept car at the Beijing motor show.

This is going to be the forerunner of a proper production car, expected to be named the I3X, which is set to rival the Jaguar I-Rhythm and Audi E-tron. It will use BMW’s fifth-generation (and more advanced) system of electric propulsion technology when it comes to the roads in the year 2019.

The iX3 will arrive as part of the upgrade of the third generation of the X3 range and be the first car in the use of new zero-emissions fundamentals that are being developed for use in all of BMW’s future EVs.

Prior to the release of two preview images that show the car flat face of the wheel design of the front grille and the opening, photographers spy trapped in a i3X development of car testing in Scandinavia, where the range of its battery pack is being evaluated in conditions that regularly drop below -10deg C.

The electric propulsion system of the test vehicle, which is based on the current X3 that arrived last year, it was evident from the lack of exhaust pipes.

BMW i3 and i8 could not be replaced

This sighting of a electric X3 so early in the iX3 the development cycle shows that the platform of the future line-up is designed to adopt an electric propulsion system. This is essential for the effective packaging to ensure that the interior space is not compromised by the placement of the batteries in the car on the ground.

The iX3 the structure is a development of BMW of the CLAR structure that supports the new X3, as well as the most recent 5-Series and 7-Series models and the 2019 3 of the Series.

Although the iX3 will be provided with a grille-free nose, your overall design is unlikely to be drastically different from its combustion engine siblings. The BMW Group’s latest stance on EV design is to be more discreet; Mini brand boss Sebastian Mackensen told Autocar recently that the mark “is not necessary to make a big statement” about Evs.

The iX3 will make use of two electric motors, one mounted in front of the driving of the front wheels and one in the rear, in the shaft assembly, the driving of the rear wheels. This will allow torque vectoring to improve traction.

425bhp X3 M due to this year as the Macan Turbo rival

The iX3 the architecture is used in 11 more, electric Bmw, due to the arrival in the year 2025, but not all of the cars that you are going to adopt the twin engine installation. Models less concerned with traction in the four wheels of traction you could adopt a simpler design, with a front-mounted electric motor in combination with a fixed ratio of the gear box and the so-called electrical axis of the helix to the disk channel on the rear wheels.

Each of the BMW new electric models will have an ‘I’ at the start of its name to signify its EV status. BMW recently patented a list of nine names that covers from iX1 to iX9, although not all will necessarily be used, because the majority will be in line with the models of the existing line. The highest confirmed model of BMW the future of the range is the X7.

BMW patented the i1 to i9 names in 2010, before the i3 and the i8 come. The brand has recently announced that it will produce an electric version of the future 4-Series GT, called the i4, in the year 2020, and an i5, which was released by the me in the Vision of the Dynamic concept, in the year 2021.

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