Trump welcomed the message of the DPRK to suspend nuclear tests

North Korean media reported plans by the leadership to suspend nuclear and missile tests

North Korea has announced an immediate cessation of nuclear and missile tests and the closure of a nuclear test site in the North of the country. According to North Korean media, the decision was taken in order to contribute to economic growth and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

According to state news Agency KCNA, North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said that his country no longer needs to conduct nuclear tests and Intercontinental ballistic missiles as they had completed the development of nuclear weapons.

The President of the United States Donald trump welcomed the announcement by the North Korean leader about the immediate suspension of nuclear and missile tests and added that he looked forward to meeting him at the summit.

“North Korea agreed to suspend Nuclear Testing and to close one of the basic polygons. This is very good news for North Korea and for the whole World – great progress! Looking forward to the Summit”, – wrote the head of the White house on his page on Twitter.