Russia demanded that the US compensate for tariffs on aluminum and steel

Informed criticism of the decision on increase of tariffs proposed by the EU, India and China

Russia demanded that the US compensate for the increase of tariffs for the supply of steel and aluminium, becoming, thus, the third influential member of the WTO, who put forward this requirement.

Earlier with criticism of the tariff policy of Washington was made by the European Union, India and China, who said that the US administration was on the path of protectionism, trying to protect from the competition of American goods.

Trump’s administration has rejected these claims, noting that the changes in tariffs due to reasons of national security and therefore meet the norms of international law.

The United States agreed to negotiate with China and informed the EU and India that they are willing to discuss any other issues, however, unjustified claims for compensation.

It is unclear what in fact Moscow wants, as it did not challenge the rates through the appeals mechanism of the WTO, by which the 164 member of the organization may negotiate the resolution of trade disputes.

China is the only country that went that route, and India expressed its wish to be represented at negotiations with the United States.

U.S. allies – Australia, Canada, EU, Mexico, and South Korea –
received a temporary exemption on tariffs pending talks with Washington.