Counterintelligence USA: in the US there are “a handful” of employees of the Russian intelligence

The Director of the National centre for counterintelligence and security bill Ivanin suggested that Washington “holds” them for future sanctions

A representative of the American counter-intelligence said that in the United States continues to operate under the guise of “a handful” of employees of the Russian intelligence, despite the fact that over the last two years of the administration of Donald trump and Barack Obama expelled about 100 such agents.

The Director of the National centre for counterintelligence and security bill Ivanin considers that the expulsion of intelligence officers caused “traceable, measurable” harm the possibilities of the Russian government to gather intelligence on the United States.

After the poisoning of former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK in March, the administration of the tramp expelled from the United States, 60 employees of the Russian intelligence.

“I think that a handful left. I know that they have said Ivanin. – I think the White house holds them for possible future sanctions.”

Speaking at the Aspen Institute in Washington on Wednesday, Evanina suggested that the level of Russian aggression hardly will decrease in the near future, and warned that Russian intelligence probably develop a campaign to intervene in the midterm elections in 2018 and 2020 presidential election year to repeat what they presumably managed in 2016.

“I think their success exceeded their expectations, said Ivanin, referring to the intervention in the elections. They were extremely successful”.

According to Ivanyi, the Americans have not yet realized the extent to which Russian agents “are using our society against us.”

He pointed to the use of Russian actors in social networks such as Facebook, to spread false information and incite tensions in America.

Ivanin said that the American government and the public do not know how far I will go to Russian officials to “influence” the democratic process in the United States.

“They reason that we use pure American part of our system, Facebook, to reinforce these differences. And this idea is not only creative, but we in the United States, moreover, does not give it due importance,” said Ivanin.