US urged not to ease pressure on Pyongyang in preparation for the summit

Washington believes that pressure must continue until North Korea does not take concrete measures on the denuclearization of

The United States said Thursday that the preparations for the planned meeting between President Donald trump with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the country needs to continue financial and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang to force it to abandon its nuclear weapons.

US Ambassador on disarmament Robert wood said the U.S. delegation would endeavour to enlist the support of other countries during the two-week conference on the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty, which will begin next Monday in Geneva. Pyongyang in 2003 announced the launch of a historic agreement.

“The United States remains committed to a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea,” said wood at a press conference.

“With this campaign of pressure, we are very interested in maintaining pressure, which means the sanctions regime that North Korea could not access the means to develop its nuclear and missile programmes,” he added.

The “maximum” pressure will continue until Pyongyang not to take “specific measures”, clearly demonstrating that he was “seriously determined to stop their nuclear weapons program,” said wood, adding: “But we still have a long way to go.”

According to wood, the main ally of North Korea – China played a “constructive role in the denuclearization”. We will remind, the President of trump on Wednesday expressed hope that the upcoming historic meeting will be a success, but warned that he intends to withdraw from negotiations if it considers that they will not bring results.

“The President is well able to conclude the agreement, do not underestimate him… the negotiations will involve high interest rates – assuming they take place,” said wood.

“The President will go to these negotiations with eyes wide open. The US is not naive in regard to this situation. But now we have the opportunity, and, hopefully, this summit will be crowned with some success,” he added.

Wood declined to give details about what the strategy pursued by the U.S. seeks to force North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons, but noted that trump has made clear he does not intend to adhere to the “traditional process”, i.e. a “step approach in which North Korea ultimately continues in the same spirit.”

“His skills will play an important role. But, as in any other situation, efforts are needed on both sides, and the North should be ready to take action, which, as he says himself, he is ready,” said wood.