Alluding to Russia, the United States called for a United front against chemical weapons

The state Department said that only Russia has the motive and means for carrying out attacks such as poisoning Sergei Skripal in the UK

The United States urged members of the UN Security Council and other countries to join them in creating a United front against the use of chemical weapons, saying that the normalization of its use should not be allowed.

“We have already made clear that the United States agree with the assessments of the United Kingdom that Russia is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on British soil, whether it is on the deliberate use of or inability to declare and secure its stocks of nerve agent,” reads the statement of the representative of the Department of state Heather Nauert.

“Only the government has the motives, means and precedents for the conduct of such attacks. Russia has developed a type of military nerve agent that was used in Salisbury and in the past carried out the murder with the sanction of the state,” reads the statement.

Nauert added that instead of having to change their harmful and destructive behavior, the Russian authorities “just deny everything and make counter-accusations to deflect attention from their responsibility”.