Lawyer trump tries to give the team Muller to use seized during a search documents

Lawyers Michael Cohen demanded to establish a panel of independent experts to solve

Lawyers personal lawyer, Donald trump, Michael Cohen, addressed the court, demanding to convene a panel of experts to examine the documents seized during the searches last week, reports Reuters. According to the lawyers of Cohen, the court must take into account the opinion of experts and prohibit investigators from the team of spectacular Mueller leading an investigation about the Russian intervention, use the documents found in a possible criminal trial.

In a letter addressed to the Federal judge Kimba wood lawyers emphasize that a panel of four experts, each of which in the past held the position of Federal attorney in Manhattan, may examine documents, electronic media and files seized during a search of the home and office of Michael Cohen on 9 April. The engagement of such independent experts called in American court documents of the “special masters” (special masters), is a common practice.

Judge wood has not yet responded to the defence’s request. It is expected that the prosecution will present its own list of “special masters” on Wednesday. From the judge’s decision depends on the amount of materials the team of spectracolor will be able to use in a possible criminal case.

Searches in the home and office of Michael Cohen have been under investigation about the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016. The lawyer for the President and Donald trump then repeatedly reminded that all discussions and correspondence between lawyer and client in accordance I with law are secret, and its details cannot be disclosed.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti representing the interests of the actress of films for adults Stormy Daniels, who told about his alleged intimate relationship with Donald trump, stated that the seized documents and evidence of the payment of her 130 thousand dollars in exchange for a promise not to publicize the details of the relationship with the future President.