Klitschko: We do not reduce the rate of repair of road infrastructure

The plans of the city authorities not to slow down the pace of road construction works. In Kiev have already started the current season with major repairs of roads. The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said during a joint with the heads of districts check overhaul of the Alma-Atinskaya street in the Dnieper region, the press service of the mayor.

Klitschko said that the overhaul of the street did 42 years ago. So today took her for a comprehensive update. Be repaired the roadway, which will consist of three layers. Road markings will cause long-lasting using plastic elements. Also continuing with complete replacement of the curbs and stormwater devices. Will capitally repair the overpass with tram ways. At Alma-ATA already completed to install a new, modern exterior lighting.

The project will repair more than 800 meters of tram tracks. Update the contact network of the tram. According to the mayor, the contractors promise to complete the overhaul of the street in October of this year.

“The roads we inherited in terrible condition, some have not been repaired for 20-30 years or more. As, for example, Alma-ATA. Let me remind you that in 2016 we have repaired 200 km of roads and driveways, in 2017, 300 km at least 300 km of roads we plan to renovate this year – said Klitschko.

The mayor noted that constantly monitors the quality of new road surface and the efficiency of the use by the contractor of funds for renovations.

“Contractors give a guarantee on the new road – 5 years. If during this time the identified deficiencies, the contractor shall eliminate them at own expense“, – he stressed.

According to Klitschko, the capital works are already underway at 10 facilities overhaul. These are two of a transport junction at the intersection of prospect Komarova Boulevard and Vaclav Havel, at the intersection of Les Kurbas and Hnat Yura street and pokotylo. Also work is being done by 7 the streets of the capital: Khreschatyk street, riverside road, the street Families Kulzhenko, Bethlehem, Vladimir, Vernadsky Boulevard and prospect tychiny. The days will begin major work on the street Yaroslav Val.

In addition, in 2018 overhaul expects avenues Bandera and Palladin, St. Sophia square, the streets of Nazarovo, Leontovich, Zabolotny, Rodimtsev, Dovzhenko, as well as the Metro bridge (uchastie through rusanivsky Strait), the overpass at the intersection of Khreschatyk street and Cyril street.

“We started capital repair of expansion joints of the Elevated part South of the bridge across the Dnieper river, and on the overpass near the metro station Vydubychi. According to the experts, 70 of the transport facilities of the capital are in urgent need of repair. And our task – in the shortest terms to do everything to fix the problematic objects“, – said Klitschko.

Also this year, repairs will begin Shulyavska overpass, which will last 2 years. Estimated cost of works – about 1,5 billion hryvnias.