Without panic and unnecessary thoughts: How to behave in case of fire, if there are a lot of people

The fire in the Russian Kemerovo shocked many. Burned-out shopping Mall, a lot of victims and a General resonance – all of this was to force most people to reconsider their knowledge about fire safety.

Or rather, to ensure that this knowledge is available in necessary for survival volume.

So here’s what you need to know about the basic rules of conductwhen around a fire and a lot of people:

1) Most importantly: do not panic. Panic in such situations can only hurt. And to you and to others. Try to pull yourself together.

2) When visiting large crowded places, be it the Mall, the movie theater or something similar – try to just remember the way out. Pay attention to where the fire extinguishers and emergency exits and, not least, try to teach it to your children (assuming their presence).

This can be done in the format of the game: at the entrance to the shopping center let the children from these classes on the care. And they are interested in, you feel safe.

3) Around the fire. The main purpose must be the protection of the respiratory system. If you keep a water – wet some of the clothing items (scarf, hat, etc.), hold the mouth and nose. Breathe through a wet cloth – it will become for you a kind of filter.

If there is no water – will help the urine.

4) At strong smoke, you have to go to the floor. The products of combustion are always moving upward, so your job is to be as low as possible to the floor.

If you have the opportunity – move on all fours or by crawling. Or strongly bent to the floor.

5) avoid elevators and escalators. It is advisable to go down the stairs. Otherwise you risk to get in already smoggy area.

Regarding the escalators in a fire they should turn off automatically. If they are included in the work, there is a great risk of falling and severe crush of people.

6) by the Way, about the flea market. Never go against the crowd, you need to move strictly in her direction.

7) if you fell you owe as quickly as possible to get up. Otherwise you just get trampled.

And remember, the rules of fire safety – it should not be what you are looking signed in the log, starting from school (that you are familiar with them). This is something that has become an important part of your education, and your children’s education.