Trump and Abe talks in Mar-a-Lago

Focus on the problem of North Korea and trade issues

On Tuesday in the private residence of President Donald trump’s Mar-a-Lago begin negotiations between trump and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The main negotiations will be the topic of North Korea, but it is expected that the parties will also discuss trade issues.

According to Larry Kudlow, adviser of the President of trump on the economy, two leaders in the next two days are going to discuss the whole complex of issues of mutual interest.

Characteristically, the Prime Minister of Japan trump met more often than with any foreign leaders during his presidency.

Abe hopes to convince trump that he had not entered into agreements with the North Korean leader, if it potentially weaken the security of Japan under the nuclear umbrella of the United States.

Trump has repeatedly said that Japan and South Korea should make a greater financial contribution to regional security.