T-Mobile fined over false ringtones

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Mobile phone network T-Mobile has to pay $agreed 40 m (£27m) – according to the demands of the US government that it is wrong ringtone used tones, when calls could not be established in the rural areas.

This would have given the impression that the calls were unanswered rather than not connecting.

The settlement was negotiated by the Federal Communications Commission.

T-Mobile said the Problem was “inadvertent” and were “corrected”, in January 2017.

The FCC prohibited false ringtones in 2014.

The FCC also accused the mobile phone network, not to fix problems with completing calls in rural areas.

In a statement, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said the practice billion have “influenced” calls over a period of several years.

However, Ms Clyburn FCC also criticized Chairman Ajit Pai’s office for the negotiation of a settlement that does not include the final consumer.

“The consent decrees have included that she said directly to the consumer benefits such as rebates or discounts, or notifications to customers who were affected by the impact”,.

“Although he damage to a clear and specific consumers, in this decree, and the consumer will be treated as a mere incident.”