Russia Telegram to block the shots the users of the web

Steve Jennings

Russian Web users report problems of access to services online as a result of the auction for the block of the Telegram messaging application.

Russia’s media regulator has blocked more than 4 million IP addresses after a court approved its request to close the application.

Telegram would be using the addresses to bypass the blockage.

Retailers, on-line games, and another message service – Viber – are also said to have been affected.

Media regulator Roskomnadzor chief Alexander Zharov said on Tuesday that his agency has informed Google and Amazon that it had blocked the IP addresses on the companies cloud services in an effort to implement the ban on the Telegram.

A Moscow court on Friday ordered the block to Roskomnadzor of the application after the application refused to hand over the encryption keys used to scramble the messages.

Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, the claims of the application can be used by terrorists.’Unconstitutional’

Telegram said the manner in which the application is made means that the service itself does not have access to the encryption keys.

In a statement, Monday, the Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, said the block was unconstitutional, because it violated the Russian federation the right to the confidentiality of correspondence, and are committed to helping users to continue to use the service.

Roskomnadzor has started the implementation of the decision of the court, on Monday, by ordering internet service providers to block Telegram.

The regulator has also asked Apple and Google to take Telegram from their Russian app stories.

But a little bit of Russian Telegram users report still being able to use the application, even without the help of a virtual private network (VPN).

The Russian technology site reports that the herald has begun to use a feature that allows you to switch IP addresses to route the traffic through other companies ‘ servers, including Apple, Google and Microsoft.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the number of blocked IP addresses has increased by more than $ 4 million, according to Wire Kulin, a researcher who is widely quoted by the independent Russian media.

The head of Russia, online retail, association, Alexander Ivanov, told the newspaper vedomosti daily that he had received complaints from nine online shops on the block.

Another messaging service, Viber, tweeted that its users have encountered problems apparently related to “problems with connectivity to Amazon Web Services in Russia”.

Online games Guild Wars and World of war Ships at the time said that their users have had difficulty opening a session on the result of Roskomnadzor for blocking IP addresses.

Many users of the Odnoklassniki social network say that they have not been able to post new messages or open old, according to the Mediazona news site.

Tuesday, Roskomnadzor, has issued a statement describing as “inaccurate” the reports that its activities have caused failures.

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