“Lustration”: the hall of Parliament may cover 15-ton lamp

In the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine chandelier of white and colored crystal in the Central hall of the Parliament is in poor condition – structure on which it rests, covered with numerous cracks. It is reported by the Informant and publish the corresponding photos.

Bulky design over the heads of MPs is covered with numerous cracks. Note, the whole design of the lamp weighs 15 tons, has a diameter of about 10 meters. Earlier media wrote that the result of the fall of the chandelier can suffer at least 50 parliamentarians. In particular, LB.ua noted interesting details about this sensitive subject.

“If the massive chandelier in the boardroom will fall from the ceiling, you can cover two-thirds of the audience“, – admitted in a conversation with journalists the Deputy head of Committee on regulations Vladimir Arsenkov.

“Before, she was really in disrepair. But this year the budget provided for a separate article, money to Finance part of the Parliament to repair the chandelier. There is nothing to fear,“ says Arsenkov.

But, according to experts, the risk of falling still remains because of deterioration of the structure itself.

The construction of the Parliament building under the guidance of architect Volodymyr Zabolotny was completed in may 1939, June 26, at the new session hall held the first meeting of the second session of people’s deputies of I convocation. Earlier, the MPs met in the building now known as the House of teachers. In the postwar years, the Parliament building was reconstructed, in particular updated suffered as a result of being hit by a German bomb dome. The design of the dome now rests in the iron slabs.

We will remind, people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko accused of planning terrorist attacks in the Verkhovna Rada, including the shelling of the dome of the Parliament from the mortar.