Byton to reveal the electric lounge concept at CES Asia in the month of June

Chinese-based start-up company Byton will present a concept version of its second vehicle, the electric lounge, in the month of June.

The machine, which will be built on the same platform as the SUV, which has already been seen in Concept form, will be unveiled at CES Asia in Shanghai. It is the second of three Evs that will become the firm’s first years of business, with a seven-seat MPV set to follow.

2019 Byton electric SUV concept revealed at the Milan Design Week

While the SUV is due to go on sale in China at the end of 2019, with europe and the USA, sales in 2020, the lounge is set to be launched in 2021, with an initial focus on the Chinese market is still likely. That suggests the salon will probably reach the European market in 2022.

The salon is likely to follow the design of Concept SUV (pictured below) closely, with a focus on interior comfort and connectivity. Like the SUV, the interior will be dominated by a large touchscreen, and a digital tablet integrated into the steering wheel.

Benoit Jacob, Byton design of the head, who previously worked at BMW i division, has said that it uses the same platform architecture for all three models has allowed the new company to launch them relatively quickly and without effort in the process of production.

“We worked on the family from the beginning, and designed in such a way that we can avoid re-engineering of things that every single time from a platform and architecture point of view,” said Jacob. “Which means that you can have a price which is really interesting.”

That suggests the salon will have a similar price to the SUV, that the company is planning to sell for about £32,000.

Byton plans for the construction of all its vehicles at the new plant in Nanjing, China, which is also due to be inaugurated in the month of June. The plant will have a production capacity of about 300,000 cars a year. Byton could also open a plant located in the United States, depending on whether the trade restrictions are in force at the time.

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