Politicians in the Twitter-bullying-complaint

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DUP MLA has called for greater controls on social media after receiving “very personal” insults on Twitter.

Carla Lockhart said the comments were for her and party leader, Arlene Foster.

Ms Lockhart was at a DUP event on Friday, where she had a photo with Mrs Foster.

The upper Bann MLA said female politicians were taken in other parties to the visor, and the abuse must stop.

She said: “We need to take our police and our social media together to bring people to task for what they do,” she said.
“Very personal”

“This is bullying. It is the harassment of women in the political life.

At the end of the Twitter post of @DUPleader

“I’m more than open for people to debate about political beliefs and policies, but these were very personal. We all have properties that change we would maybe.

“We all look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning and perhaps think, when we saw something differently, it would be wonderful, but it doesn’t give anyone to comment on the right to happen.”

The tweet, you will be prompted to the online abuse at the weekend, posted a picture of Ms Lockhart and Arlene Foster, a DUP event in Fermanagh on Friday night. “Positive Comments”

“During dinner, Arlene a picture of the two of us written,” said Ms Lockhart.

“There were very many positive reactions to the tweet but there were also a number of very offensive messages.”

She added “platforms like Twitter have more to do to address the problem, there is no doubt.

“There is a lot more can be done to check the accounts.”