“Intoxicating smells of schizophrenia”

When Pavel Grudinin, Director, Sovkhoz imeni Lenina, became the presidential candidate from the Communist party, few knew to what political force it belongs to. Despite his views, he is not a member of the Communist party of Russia. Nevertheless, he is a member of the site PDS NPSR, at the third Congress in which the village of Lenin state Farm was visited by the correspondent “”.

Village Farm named after Lenin — district, which is located near the metro station “Domodedovskaya”. At the entrance, on a small pedestal, is carefully painted old tractor, signifying, apparently, the previous achievements sovhoznikov. Streets clean, according to him sedately walking moms with baby carriages. Sometimes there are giant sculptures grown enterprise of agricultural crops. Almost every post flaunts a metallic image of strawberries.

Idyllic Saturday morning broke the cultural Center district, which was teeming with life: there were preparing for the third Congress of Constantly operating meeting National-Patriotic forces of Russia (PDS NPSR). Near the orange buildings were crowded with the delegates and guests of the event, hot discussing important issues concerning the fate of the country, on the walls of the Center hung large posters taped with white adhesive tape: “Hands off our lands and waters!”, “The southern Kuril Islands — the Russian land! Themselves will spend their Islands” and “the Surrender of the South Kuril Islands = TREASON!” For what happens a severe gaze watched the impressive size of the stone Lenin, sitting nearby on a stone bench.

In the lobby noisy and crowded. Here you can meet totally different characters, mainly older and older. Here checks pass trim man in uniform resembling the uniform of the members of a society “Memory”. Here in a small circle talking middle-aged man with a bushy black beard, a braid in a high fur hat. Here is logged off the rack just arrived great-grandson of Stalin, Yakov Dzhugashvili.

After the locker room and the presentation input the identity of the delegates fell into a small dressing room, where they immediately ran up the woman and began loudly to say, “a fundraiser to help political prisoners! Colonel Kvachkov!” From there the audience was in another room, the clown Museum situated in the building of the cultural Centre of the Lenin state farm. Here they could relax and continue to chat, and also look at all kinds of statues, puppets, paintings, cartoons and other images of clowns. Here, participants were exposed to a battery of bottled water “strawberry fields”.

In the hall arrived slowly took place to the songs from the Soviet films. “Don’t be cruel to me!” heartfelt called a voice from the past. The correspondent “” has taken an aisle seat. Behind him the cheerful company of the village elders, who discussed the agenda of the event, as well as the recent statements of such important persons as Anatoly Wasserman.

However, they soon moved on to lazier things: one of them was to tell the neighbor, as he loves the creativity of the comedians from “the Ural pelmeni”.

Why, you know, they have a room like this is, there is the snow maiden father Frost asks: who is my mother? he said.

— Probably, Baba Yaga? — suggested second.

— Yes! And the Pope is the devil. And my grandmother smokes a tube!

— What?

— Well, what? Smoking a pipe! Her grandmother — Stalin! explained the slow-witted comrade, the first.

“Dear patriots! — a voice was heard from the speakers. — We have here in the lobby, where clowns, there is a small Studio where you can record a greeting to the audience for broadcast on YouTube. There is a woman there, name is Ira”. He hesitated a bit, and then amended: “Well, that is, it’s not really a girl…” Hall said with restrained laughter, and sitting behind the correspondent “” has commented: “Mahalo for nothing so Nada!”

The meeting began. First of all, the audience was shown a short video in which it was claimed that the true rating of the candidate in presidents of Russia of Pavel Grudinina is 40 percent, not 12 — as much as he received in the elections of the President of Russia. Next, the speaker reported, “generalized data of exit polls conducted by the CEC of Russia”.

According to him, at 17:00 on 18 September, the turnout was 61 million people of which voted for Putin 32 million people, and Grudinina — 24 million, then 18 hours, the picture was allegedly changed. With a turnout of 65 million for Putin, there were 48 million votes, and Grudinina — 7. How are these exit polls have been converted into votes, the speaker announced, but, in his opinion, it was clear: “the candidate of the people” deprived of ten or more millions of votes and the election results are impossible to recognize.

It would seem that it is time to get in, but the speech of the members of the Presidium opened the voting for the agenda, form panels and so on. About 20 minutes was devoted to the tedious process of counting of votes, although wanting to argue with the Bureau, almost was not. At the end of the process announced a number of the participants: 413.

The first word took Vladimir Filin, the coordinator of PDS NPSR and Deputy Chairman of the electoral headquarters of Grudinina. “Today, we are discussing the elections, which were to change the course of history, he said. Unfortunately, they didn’t change it.” Filin said that a historic event occurred at a time when the Communist party and the PDS NPSR decided to join forces and work together to nominate as a candidate for the post of President of Russia Pavel Grudinina.

The results of the elections it is suggested not to acknowledge, and noted that during the election the organization had many branches, which should be activated during the regional elections. “PDS NPSR is not a movement, it is a platform, where different organizations and develop a common position, and we now want to move from a place to the movement,” — said in conclusion of his speech Filin. He said, “we will continue to move in that direction, and we will not collapse”.

At this time the series started to pass on the booklet “the Way out of the impasse” of a “Committee of national breakthrough,” in which he outlined the “program of post-industrial modernization of Russia.” Its authors called for the creation of grassroots structures of governance, self-sustaining communities and refederalisation of the country.

After the pamphlet series let and press. It was the newspaper “Spring of sobriety”, which was stamped “For dry law”. The headlines on the front page was a loud: “the Intoxicating smell of schizophrenia” and “Epidemic of soaring”. In addition, the newspaper was enclosed leaflets, printed on the reverse side of flyers the Plant “Gidroprom”. One of them said that “tolerance is NOT tolerance for other cultures and faiths”, and also contained the statement that “the essence of tolerance — tolerance to Evil”. The other reveals the essence of phenomena “telegonia” (aka “the memory of the womb”), according to which (according to the leaflet), if the girl lived with a Negro, but had his children, being the wife of a white man, she still can give birth to a black baby.

Fortunately, from the stage such application has not sounded. Next on the rostrum Yuri Boldyrev, who introduced himself as one of the organizers of the negotiation process leading to the nomination of Grudinina for the presidency. He acknowledged that members of PDS NPSR and the Communist party themselves made mistakes, but encouraged to unite and discuss them, and develop program of action for the future. Boldyrev called for the unification of all forces “for our country, against the destruction of our country.”

Under the stormy and prolonged applause on the stage stood Pavel Grudinin. “I in recent months so navyseals that asked Vladimir Ivanovich [Owl] to put me last, but he still took pity and put me third” — he said. Thanking the audience, he gave them words of gratitude to Gennady Zyuganov, “which in any intensive care yesterday, don’t hit” and is in the hospital for planned examination.

Grudinin declared the conviction that “we are not lost.” However, he immediately noted that nobody expected the election campaign will be simple, everyone knew that winning would be impossible, but it did everything to “adequately carry out this battle.” “But overall the fighting is not over, it’s only just beginning!” — noticed Grudinin, again, noting the growth of regional organizations NPSR.

He said the plea “this percentage, which was written by the CEC.” Grudinin also encouraged to work on the bugs. “I’m a millionaire… that is, became a billionaire because of an error, for sure,” in particular he complained. When this was done, the organization, according to Grudinina will win the “regional and electoral campaigns throughout Russia.”

After that, he moved to gratitude by the relatives of political prisoners, in particular of Colonel Kvachkova. “I’m the President at the meeting said that the situation of Kvachkov’s crazy. Well, he really didn’t know that he is in prison, and said that will sort it out!” said Grudinin. From the hall he heard shrill laughter. “I’m telling you the truth, he really was a genuine surprise! — continued former presidential candidate. He says, “So it is released!”” Hall did not believe, but Grudinin insisted that’s what he saw, and expressed hope that the joint action of the members of the organization will help to attract the attention of the authorities to the problem.

He again returned to the theme of the upcoming “battle”, saying that the people vested interest “do not understand that we really are on the edge of the abyss”. Grudinin said with conviction that the top does not want to bring the situation to people on the street, but want people “were consolidated around the ideas that we outlined in the “20 steps”” and called in any case not to break the Alliance with the Communist party. “I am confident that we won. We hope for further fruitful cooperation”, — he finished his speech.

This was not the end — the Congress was just beginning. Long were the representatives of the regions, spoke about the election program, errors, and successes. After the break, discussed the creation of the movement NPSR long argument about the nuances, worried about the fate of the organizations that will have to enter into it. It all lasted nearly four hours. Finally, summed up the results of the Congress: election called invalid, the statement of claim in the Supreme court on this subject was prepared, the movement, despite the many differences, created and dispersed until the next Congress.

Tasted of strawberries Mikhail Karpov